Updated May 18th, 2012

Below are some help links that pertain to Californian Rabbits. The first link will take you to the National Californian Club. The second link is to Barbi Brown's web site which is one of the best for "stuff" about rabbits. On the bottom of the page, there are links to a number of Yahoo Groups that can be used to find out lots of information about rabbits in general.


 CRSC - Californian Rabbit Specialty Club

The Californian Rabbit Specialty Club has a lot of information about the Californian Rabbit and the breeders who are promoting this wonderful breed.  You can see information about the Officers and Directors, the purpose and history of the club and breed, state club links and information, current sweepstakes points for the year, show reports, upcoming shows for both open and youth, best in show page, forms, club news, members corner, and archives.  Please visit this site and see how some of the breeders I purchased my stock from are doing with their lines


 A Really Informative Rabbit Web Site

Barbie Brown's web site is one of the most informative web sites I have found.  There is an answer to almost every question you can come up with when talking about rabbits.  There is contact information, show schedule, index to articles, hours of operation, tips before you buy a bunny, selecting a breed, rabbit care and health, feed questions, preparing for weather (summer, winter, fall and spring), breeder referrals, and a collection of great pictures.  Visit Barbie's web site and let her know I sent you.


Yahoo Groups, Just for Rabbits


        24 Hour Rabbit Chat

            4H - CCL Group for Leaders

            4H - Rabbit List

            California Rabbit Shows

            Pet Bunny List

            Rabbit Classifieds

            Show Bunny List

            Show Bunny Sales List

            West Coast Rabbit Breeders

            Western Rabbit Shows of America




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