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Updated May 18th, 2012



3PKM - Sire MP2 / Dame L1KG1... $135.00

Born 12/8/11 - He has a little more growing to do before he fills out. Up til about a month ago, he was living with his brother shown below.


Roland / Coffee / Cunningham / Jones

Just a tad bit long in the shoulder (see dip) just behind ear. Needs to fill out a little in the hindquarters. Watch his top-line as he grows out.

3BYG - Sire JK32 / Dame JYB1.... $100.00

Born - 1/9/2011 Much better than he looks in this pose. He already has a couple of legs. He appears to be a little pinched in his hindquarters and maybe a little undercut. I think if I posed him a little better, he would look a little better in these pictures.


Jones / Coffee / Northwind / Crawford

Very solid Buck and will be using him in my breeding for Meat Pens for Convention this year. The BYG line in the barn has proven to be pretty successful and looking forward to creating this breeding again. JK32 is about done as a breed Buck in teh barn.

2PKM - Sire MP2 / Dame L1KG1.... $75.00

Born 12/8/11 - He has a little more growing to do before he fills out. Up til about a month ago, he was living with his brother shown above. Check out his sisters on "The Girls" page of the web site.


Roland / Coffee / Cunningham / Jones

Looks a little long in body, but if posed better, he would look just fine. You can see he took a beating from brother while living together. Probably will fill out more now he is living by himself.

1SK - .....$35.00

Very young and still needs to grow out.


1S4SJ - Sire BC1 / Dame KSC1..... $80.00

Born 12/14/2011 - Appears to be a little long in shoulders. Would like to have ears rest against rise coming off neck to back. Watch undercut of hindquarter to table.



Pretty nice profile looking down from top. Well balanced and nice shape to body.

1KOJ - Sire JK88 / Dame TOD2.......$135.00

Born 12/10/2011 - Still needs a little filling out. Very nice profile / top line.


Jones / Baty / Burkhalter / Austin / Cunningham / Klindt

1DL - Sire CD2 / Dame A31002.......$125.00

Born 8/17/2011 - Pictured with a poor coat right now. Nice profile from side. Might like a little more width of hindquarter.


Jones / Coffee / Roland / Howe / Crawford / Northwind

1D2YG - Sire 2DR / Dame JYB1..... $50.00

Born 8/23/2011 - Chopped off in hindquarters. Pinched in hindquarters from top. Look at profile of buck above.


Roland / Coffee / Jones / Cunningham / Howe / Theobald

1D1SH - Sire SD3 / Dame DK14......$150.00

Check out his sisters on "The Girls" page. Very well balanced at top line and from top. Still pretty young with some growing to go.


Jones / Crawford / Northwind / Coffee / Howe / Schiller / Austin

ASB1 - Sire ASB1A / Dame TIF .......$150.00

Born 4/12/2011 - Nice top line. Compact and solid Buck. Really like this guy.

Jones / Coffee / Cunningham / Crawford / Howe / Pauly / Rugen / Circle J

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