Getting ready for Kansas...

We will be driving again this year, all the way from San Diego to Kansas. Will be breeding for my Meat Pens and Fryers July 20th or so.

Californian Bunny is your source for Quality Californian Rabbits. Located in Julian, California, 60 miles east of San Diego, in the mountains at 4500 feet (and yes, we get snow a few times a year... in sunny southern California).

Currently, I'm in prep for the Convention 2012 in Kansas. It may be months away, but planning is very important to get the required stock in place for each of the classes. My experience at the Minneapolis, San Diego, Louisville, Grand Rapids and Indianapolis conventions was pretty good. My best result was a 2nd place with my Intermediate Buck (1MS... son of MB). MB has improved my height in the line, now I just want to get the transition from the shoulders to the peak to tighten up a little bit.

In 2006, I started back in the Rabbit raising business.  My stock came from some of the best breeders in the country.  I spent a few months communicating with breeders all across the nation, trying to find the right stock to start with.  I purchased trios or three does from each of the breeders I communicated with.  I started out showing the breeder stock, just to find out what I had.  I crossed the stock to perfect the line to match the standards defined by ARBA.  I'm now starting to put together my own line of the crossed stock.

The Breeders I bought my stock from, were; Al Roland (Virginia), Kyle Cunningham (Indiana), Dave Pauly (Ohio), Wayne Coffee (Illinois), Darrell Howe (Michigan), and Karen Corda (California).  All of these breeders have been very successful in their own lines.

A few  years ago (2007), I took some of my stock to the National Convention in Grand Rapids, MI. I didn't do as good as I would have hoped, but learned alot about what I had, and what I need to do to improve. Traveling by air took its toll on my stock, even losing one of my meat pen babies in transit, which pretty much disqualified my pen from compition. 

  Michael "B" or MB as I called him. MB was the beginning of the real quality in my barn. Everything that has the depth of body in my bard is probably from his line. He has moved on to the big brier patch in the sky, but is bloodline is storng in the barn.

I also lost one of my Senior Bucks in the arena during one of the nights. I did purchase a new buck in the Californian Auction (for a whopping $550 and ouch!!!). The buck was the 3rd place finisher in Junior Buck category. He is pictured above and I have named him Michael "B"... or MB for short. A friend of mine I work with asked to name one of my rabbits after him, so here he is.

To the right is my third place finish in Louisville. Not pictured is my 2nd place finish Meat Pen from San Diego. I also got 2nd place Fryer. So that was three 2nd place finishes. Maybe next year I can get a 1st.

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